Celebrities forever look to have a prettiest, most professionally applied makeup on the red carpet, and this is complete thanks to their individual makeup expert that accentuate their finest feature. The art of using makeup can’t be learned overnight, but these expert tips will guide you in the correct way to applying your makeup professionally.

Do not wear too much makeup

Makeup has to be used to boost your finest feature and play down our least favorite features. Here’re a few common makeup mistakes you’d avoid:

  • Face powder- must be utilized sparingly and blended very well.
  • Foundation- have to be the similar color as your skin tone, blended fine and not applied too heavily.
  • Eyeliner- too dark or too much eyeliner looks overdone.
  • Mascara – too much will appear counterfeit and “drag queen” like

Makeup for your Lips

If you wish lasting lipstick, apply lip liner over the lips and then use your lipstick. Never use lip liner beyond your lip line, even if you wish your lips to look fuller. If you have complete lips and wish to make them look thinner, use the lip liner to the inner of your lips.

Makeup for the occasion

You should not be wearing similar makeup to a nightclub as the mall or beach. Use your makeup according to the time and occasion, lighter makeup for the day tie and darker for evening and night.

 Keep it natural

You’d wear makeup shade that compliments all other and doesn’t clash against your skin feel. Dark hair and skin feel best in dark colors while light skin tone and hair look finest in light shades.

Too little or no makeup

Do not afraid to wear makeup, if you do not know how to use make fine, practice with different looks and see that suits you. Start light makeup and as you become cooler with applying makeup, go darker. If you’re fully lost, foundation and lip gloss and a fine start, then go on to utilizing mascara and blusher and finally eye shadow. Keep in mind you can remain to look natural with makeup on, you do not have to overdo it to look fine.

Touch up your makeup

Once you’re happy with your makeup application, keeps it looking neat and pretty all day by touching it up usually when it fades. It’s disappointing when you have spent much time perfecting your makeup look it fades throughout the day/night, complete you need is a touch up of lipstick or little face powder and you are good to go.