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6 Lancôme Anti-Aging Products that will Turn Back the Hands of Time

Why grow old gracefully when you can use products that make you look ageless? Lancôme is one of the top brands when it comes to halting the visible signs of aging. If you’d like to hit the reset button on your skin, here are 6 anti-aging products by Lancôme that will help you achieve a more youthful complexion.

This serum works fast to deliver smoother skin with more radiance with results in as little as one week. Focusing on the key signs of youthfulness, it promotes better elasticity, skin tone, firmness, smoothness, and radiance. Plus the cool self-loading dropper for this patented formula makes it easy to apply the perfect amount.

Start each day fresh-faced and ready with this daily moisturizer. It smooths away any signs of fatigue so you look awakened and ready. Plus it protects with SPF 15 to keep environmental factors from adding further damage to your skin. With a tightened and breathable feeling, it’s perfect for daily use.

Indulge your eyes with this brightening, tightening anti-aging eye cream. It takes special care of the delicate under-eye area, smoothing away wrinkles and lines while correcting puffiness. It provides immediate results for more youthful, well-rested eyes, and in only 4 weeks, it creates a more youthfully-restored appearance.

This night cream gets to work while you sleep soundly, infusing deep into the skin to reduce the depth of wrinkles. Wake up looking younger with smoother, softer skin that feels hydrated and plumped. If you’re shy about getting permanent wrinkle fillers, this cream can help you get close to those results.

Infuse your skin with the age-correcting power of vitamin C. This daytime serum features 15% vitamin C concentrate to restore elasticity and create a more radiant glow. If you have uneven skin tone, dull, or saggy skin, this concentrate is the answer to your prayers. Innovatively packaged into 2 vials, it helps preserve the freshness of the formula so that you get the best possible results with every use.


Luxury and science unite with this incredible formulation that transforms skin in 2 phases. The rosy exfoliating phase features fruit acids while the golden oil phase uses precious rose extracts. Combined together, they help you achieve a look of smoother, clearer skin. It allows for skin cell renewal and nourishing moisture for a gorgeous glow that you’ll see immediately.

Tired of what you see in the mirror? Change it today with Lancôme!

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